welcome to foxy's website

foxy was an award winning Morgan horse

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This website is a token of remembrance for a family member who left an indelible mark on the lives around her. While she never became a mother, she showed how to daughter and teach and care and trust and lead. Her life is a way for us to remember that our loved ones are not gone once they pass on. Rather they will continue to exist in our bodies and stories as we move forward.

Life is not just the time that we spend in the sun talking and grazing; we existed as aspirations, dreams and possibilities before we came into our bodies. Just as we will continue to inspire and comfort as memories once we are gone.

Just like the perennials that are blossoming around us now, our ties to life will come and go.

So while we bid adieu to brown mare that always knew when to start cantering even before we were done trotting, we welcome in the sunrise and sunset of our continuing relationship.

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